Friday, February 26, 2016

Tefal Multicook Advanced 45 in 1

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Tefal Multicook Advanced 45 in 1

Jom tengok demo Tefal Multicook Advanced!!

Monday, February 22, 2016

Ready Stock!!!

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Assalamualaikum..lama tak bersua dalam blog Onlinelondonshop ni.Ok Saya nk cerita ni,kami ada beberapa barang ready stock di Malaysia.Means kalau nak anytime perku tunggu berminggu dah.Tapi kalau Tuan/Puan byr secara ansuran..mak terpaksa saya tunggu payment setel baru barang akan dipos:)

Utk keterangan lnjut boleh hubungi:

+447449609536(nurui)-wassup sahaja

Ok barang2 yg ready stock seperti berikut:

FDM780BA food processor by Kenwood
RM680 Only woth postage!!!
*typo error:1.5 liter generous plastic blender

Tefal actifry 1.2 kg grey
RM700 with postage!!!

Philips Air Fryer 0.8 kg digital
RM750 with postage!!

Russel hobs stainless stell cookware 7 pcs 
RM385 with postage!!

Tefal Banquet stailess steel 5 pcs
RM410 with postage!!

Tefal Expert Cook 5 pcs
RM410 with postage!!

Tefal Bistro 5 pcs red
RM385 with postage!!

Tefal essential 5 pcs
RM370 with postage!!

Tefal fresh express 3 cone 
RM220 with postage!!

Tefal fresh express 5 cone 
RM270 with postage!!

Kitchen kraft measuring spoon
RM25 with postage!!

Storage tin 5pcs
RM180 with postage!!

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Shipment April baru tiba

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Barang uk dah sampai dah 2 hari Jumaat ni kami akan pos serentak barang2.Kepada sesiapa yg dah book item,tp tk byr lagi,sila buat pembayaran segera..Apa-apa pertanyaan boleh pm direct kpd Online London Shop atau boleh melalui Wassup:+447449609536

Ready nk pos jumaat ni(3 Julai 2015)
Mixer andrew james 1 unit dan tefal blend force blender 1 unit masih available.Sesiapa nak,boleh direct wassup saya:+447449609536
Andrew james mixer RM670 + free gift measuring spoon

Tefal blend force:RM229

Pengahantaran plg awal:esok(3 Julai 2015)
Kalau nk byr instalment pon boleh,tp barang dpt after payment selesai:).

barang yang abru tiba 

andrew james mixer stock..ada lg 1 yg ready stock..sape nk contact kitaorg ye:)
RM670 termasuk pos(Sem Malaysia)+ free gift(measuring spoon)

belum buka kotak..
Ni pon tinggal lg satu set masih available.RM229


Monday, June 15, 2015

Summer Sale!!..Let's Shop!

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Assalamualaikum.summer sale dah bermula di beberapa kedai dan outlet.So,kesempatan ni,sesiapa tgh aim nkbeli brg dr UK,boleh la order melalui kami.Untuk Order atau booking,boleh tinggalkan pesanan mll Facebook:Online London Shop atau Wassup:+447449609536(nurul) atau 0133513032(Aini).Happy Shopping:).Oh ya sblm tu nak bgtau,Kalau barang yg baru nk order skrg,insyaAllah bulan 9 akan dpt.Kebanyakan pre order,boleh cek kt Blog ni atau fb barang yg ready stok , yang pre order dan barang yang akan sampai dalam masa terdekat ke Malaysia.TQ:)

1)Lisbon Sky
by clarks


Status:Pre order

Boot ni pakai dgn jubah cantik kan..Saiz tiggal 3,8 dan 9 jer..ha sape saiz ni boleh la beli.Jgn tunggu lama2 ya,,kalau hbs..mmg hbs..tkde restok dah..kalau dah berkenan cepat2 Pm Online London Shop atau wassup :+447449609536(nurul).Harga murah sgt ni RM220 jer ternasuk postage utk sem Malaysia.

Lisbon Sky

Black Leather


Upper Material Leather
Lining Material Textile
Heel Height 1 - 1½ inches
Sole Material TPR
Fastening Type None
Removable Insole No
Trims None

2)Gilded Opal
By Clarks

Status:Pre order


3)Tefal secure 5 Pressure cooker 6 liter


Status:Ready stock di Malaysia

Nak cari Pressure cooker yg berkualiti tp simple dan murah..Ha! boleh beli Tefal secure 5 pressure coker ni.Dijamin berkualiti dan murah pulak tu.Rm389 sahaja dah masuk postage utk kawasan semenanjung Malaysia.Capacity utk 6 liter ya. dan ni periuk stainless steel bkn aluminium ya.So mmg ok sgt2 kualitinya.Pressue cooker ni kite masak pakai dapur gas dan tak susah pon cara nak guna..Tak perlu tunggu 2,3bulan sbb brg mmg dah ada di malaysia.Sapa2 berminat,jom cepat2 pm Online London Shop utk book beli item ni.

  • Two cooking programmes
  • Capacity of 6 litres
  • 18/10 stainless steel body and lid with a 3-ply base for better heat diffusion
  • Dishwasher safe body
  • Silicone gasket

4)Tefal Actifry 1.2 kg grey
Status:Akan berada di Malaysia JUlai 2015

Hot Selling Item!!

  • Healthy: 1 spoon of oil for 1.2kg of real crispy chips
  • Nutritious: new oil each time you cook, preserving nutritional quality
  • Versatile: cook chips, curries, stews, stir-fries, chicken, desserts... and more
  • No need to shake or stir during cooking as the ActiFry has a unique stirring paddle to ensure food is evenly-cooked
  • Easy to clean: ActiFry's spoon and removable bowl, lid and paddle are dishwasher safe.
  • Note:The lid to base connection is not a complete air seal and there will be a natural gap

5)Tefal fresh Express

Status:Akan tiba di Malaysia Julai 2015

Innovative product to shred, slice and grate in seconds.
Compact design with smart drum storage system directly on the product
4 Drums for: slicing, oarse shredding, thin shredding, grating
Direct serve into the plate or bowl
Cord storage

6)Tefal Blend Force

status:akan tiba di Malaysia JUlai 2015

Unique Secure Lock System
6 blades with Tripl’Ax technology for unbeatable blending results
2 Speeds + Pulse
Plastic Jug 1.5L capacity
400W Power

Frequently Asked Questions

My appliance vibrates excessively during use

The appliance may not be on a flat, stable surface, the appliance is not stable (foot missing, etc.). The volume of ingredients to be blended is too high, reduce the quantity of ingredients. If the vibrations persist, contact an approved repair centre.

What should I do if my appliance leaks?

Leak through lid (overflow): - The volume of ingredients is too high, do not exceed the maximum filling level for the bowl as stated in the instructions for use.
The lid is not correctly positioned, lock it securely on the mixer bowl. If the lid has a seal, check its condition and change it if necessary.
Leak from the bottom of the bowl: -Your appliance does not have a removable blade unit: the seal on your blade unit may be damaged, have it checked by an approved repair centre.
If your appliance has a removable blade unit: check it is positioned correctly on the bowl, check the condition of the seal and change it if necessary.
Check that your bowl is not split or broken as a result of impact. If the leak persists, take the appliance to an approved repair centre.
For how long can I use the blender continuously?

Do not use the appliance for more than 3 minutes in continuous operation and then wait for a few minutes before starting it up again.

How do I clean the blender? Do I have to dismantle it? Can I put it in the dishwasher?

To clean the body of the appliance, first of all unplug it and then wipe it with a damp cloth. To clean the bowl, use soapy water or washing-up liquid. Some bowls are dishwasher safe, see instructions for use.

The blade is having difficulty in rotating, why is this?

This is probably due to the fact that there is too much food, or that the pieces are too large or too hard. To correct this, reduce the size or the quantity of ingredients or add a little liquid.

Can I put the blender bowl in the microwave?

To keep the blender in optimum condition, it is recommended to only use the bowl for blending and to avoid putting it in the microwave or using it for freezing, cooking or sterilising products: the material from which it is made is not designed for this and the bowl could break. No, do not put the accessories in a microwave oven.

Important - Detachable Base

The detachable base must be re-inserted correctly for the blender to operate as intended, taking care not to injure yourself with the blades, which are extremely sharp. The instruction manual of your appliance explains how to remove and reinsert the base correctly.

Box Contains
1 x Tefal Blendforce Blender
1 x 1.5 litre jug
1 x Instruction Booklet

7)Andrew James Mixer
RM670 + freee gift(Andrew james measuring spoon)

Status:Akan tiba di Malaysia Julai 2015
Sesuai utk projek kuih raya:)

The Andrew James Food Mixer boasts some exceptional features such as an extra Powerful motor, Special robust gear mechanism and a huge 5.2 litre Stainless steel dish. The mixer was recently voted by The Telegraph Newspaper as being in The Top Ten Best Food Mixers
The mixer comes complete with a Food Mixer Cookbook , packed with delicious recipes for breads and cakes. The large 5.2 litre bowl is made from top Quality Grade 304 Stainless Steel
The mixer also has a very useful splash guard , There are 4 attachments included , Dough hook ,Flexible Beater blade, Metal beater blade & Stainless Steel Whisk, the dough hook and beater blade is made from special aluminum which is perfect for making breads and cakes
The mixer has 6 power levels and also a pulse level. The appliance is easy to clean as well as operate. The stainless steel mixing bowl is dishwasher safe, and the entire package comes with a 24 month fixed warranty
The Andrew James Mixer is a kitchen appliance that lives up to its name and reputation. Solid construction adds to its life but it will stand up to the punishment an active kitchen and cook can give it. This food stand mixer will stand up to the big guns on all levels and provide the user with a machine that does it all. Its unique design is one that will find its way to a shelf rather than stored away in the cabinet

8)Tefal easy care 9 pieces
Rm399 !!!
Status:Open utk order:ETA:Sept 2015

Hot selling Item!!

  • Tefal's unique Thermospot technology
  • Non-stick coating
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Suitable for gas and electric hobs
  • PTFE Non-stick exterior for easy cleaning


Thursday, June 11, 2015

Sale!!!Pre order now!!

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Assalamualaikum..Anda boleh pre order apa sahaja barangan dr uk melalui Online London Shop .Utk pesanan dan apa-apa pertanyaan sila email atau wassup:+447449609536(nurul)

.Antara contoh barangan yang tgh sale:

by hotter shoesRM280

Available size:5,5.5,6 and 7

Utterly soft leather uppers
Breathable leather pillow sock
Lightweight, flexible sole that moves with you
Upper Material: All 100% Leather
Sock Material: All 100% Leather
Lining Material: All 100% Microfibre
Sole Material: All 100% Rubber
Removable Insoles: No
Fastening Style: Slip On
Heel Height: 20mm, 3/4 inch

Boleh layari kasut yang anda mahu dan berikan link kpd pihak OLS utk kami quote harga:)


2)Rainbow Rose Large zipped shoulder bag

RM225 including postage within Malaysia(exclude Sabah Sarawak)

by:cath kidston
Poppers to each side
Zip pocket to front
Structured to keep its shape
Base: 38.5 x 48.5 cm
Top: 32 x 15 cm
retty and practical, this stylish shoulder bag has room for everything, from your purse to your laptop. With a wipe clean fabric, it'll stay looking as good as new.

Utk produk dan berikan link produk tersebut kpd pihak OLS.Kami akan quote harga produk idaman anda

3)Leosa Claire

A tried and true classic re-imagined with an on-trend block heel and stunning stitch detail, these women's beige leather court shoes are easy to slip on for a chic office look. They feature an 80mm heel for a posture boost and have superior underfoot comfort with our intelligent Clarks Plus dual density cushioning for everyday wear. Available in a wide E fit.

Upper Material Leather
Lining Material Synthetic
Heel Height 3 - 3½ inches
Sole Material Rubber
Fastening Type Other
Removable Insole No
Trims None

4)Philips GC7320 4.5 Bar Steam System With Up To 110g/min Continuous Steam


Stable heel rest: Keeps the iron stable when standing
Four rubber feet: Ensure the stand does not slip
Lead and hose storage cap: Allows for quick & easy storage of lead and hose
Iron temperature ready light
Inox boiler with external heating element: Anti-corrosion steam chamber

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Jom pre order barang UK!!!

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Assalamualaikum..Jom cuci mata tgk barangan di Online London Shop.Original from UK and Europe.kalau berkenan,boleh email kpd:
atau wassup:+447449609536(Nurul)/0133513032(Aini)
atau pm kami di facebook:Online London |Shop
Happy shopping:)

1)Tefal Banquet RM420

Tefal Banquet 5-Piece Set Includes 14 cm Milk Pan 16/ 18 cm Saucepan with Lids 20/ 24 cm Frying Pans


Non-stick coating;Glass lids;Dishwasher safe;stylish steel exterior
Dishwasher safe
Non stick coating
Induction compatible
Glass lids

Product Description
About Tefal

Tefal owes its origins to Frenchman Marc Gregoire, an engineer and keen fisherman. Monsieur Gregoire wanted the reel on his rod to run more smoothly, and experimented in the 1950s to see if a non-stick coating would work. It did, but it was his wife Collette who made the real breakthrough, suggesting the coating would be more useful in making cookware easier to use and clean. Now, Tefal is the number one name in non-stick products and small appliances, operating in more than 120 countries.Tefal remains committed to making household tasks easier and cooking results better, through a constant flow of new ideas, technology and innovation. Examples of that cutting-edge innovation can be seen in the ActiFry, the AirBake baking range and Tefal's unique Thermospot, which ensures your pans are always the perfect temperature to start cooking.
Box Contains
1 x 14cm Milk pan
1 x 16cm Saucepan and glass lid
1 x 18cm Saucepan and glass lid
1 x 20cm Frypan
1 x 24cm Frypan

2)Tefal easy care 9 pieces RM399

tefal easy care 9 pieces

Tefal's unique Thermospot technology
Non-stick coating

Dishwasher safe
Suitable for gas and electric hobs
PTFE Non-stick exterior for easy cleaning

Product Description
This great value 9pc set is ideal for any budding cook. It has non-stick coating which means you won't need oil and the glass lids allow you to keep a close eye on your cooking
Our precision engineered pans mean you can benefit from cookware that works with you to produce a perfectly cooked meal

Not only does this come with all you need for cooking, it also has all the utensil you need too

This set comes with a wide spatula, slotted spoon and large spoon, everything you need in one box

The non-stick exterior is also easy to clean.

The set also features Tefal's unique thermospot technology, which lets you know when the pan has reached its optimum cooking temperature

This set is ideal for any home!

Lifetime Guarantee on non-stick coating*

Box Contains
1 x 14cm Saucepan with glass lid
1 x 16cm Saucepan with glass lid
18cm Saucepan with glass lid
1 x 20cm Frypan
1 x 24cm Frypan
1 x mini egg pan
1 x wide spatula
1 x slotted spoon
1 x Large Spoon

3)Russell Hobbs Denver Stainless Steel Pan Set - 7 Piece


This stainless steel pan set includes 3 x 16/18/20cm saucepans, 1 x 14cm milkpan, 1 x 24cm frying pan and a 18cm 2 tier steamer. Each comes with a clear glass lid with steam vents and a Russell Hobbs base stamp.
Material: 0.5mm stainless steel / Black TPR coated handles
Weight: 6.1kg

4)Tefal Volupty(Stainless steel)RM620

Rm620 including postage (PEninsular Malaysia)


High-quality stainless steel
7-piece set
1 x casserole 16 cm without lid
Saucepan 16 / 18 / 20 cm with glass lid
Suitable for all types of cookers, including induction

5)(Tefal Jamie Oliver(Stainless steel)
RM530(Including postage to peninsular Malaysia)


Measuring marks and see through glass lids for perfect monitoring
Riveted stainless steel handles with silicone guarantee a secure and comfortable grip
High quality Stainless Steel (SS18/10) offers long a lasting professional composition and the range is induction compatible
Ships in Certified Frustration-Free Packaging

Manufacturer's Description
This product has a riveted stainless steel handles with silicone insert that enables a secure and comfortable grip. This product is also induction compatible, dishwasher safe and oven safe up to 210°C. This product also featues flared lips for an easy drip-free pouring as well as measuring marks. This high quality Stainless Steel product (SS18/20) is easy to clean and has a long lasting professional look.
About Jamie Oliver by Tefal

Jamie Oliver has been working with Tefal for almost a decade developing high performance cookware that will appeal to everyone from occasional cooks to serious home chefs. The collaboration and the exceptional cookware products under the Jamie Oliver by Tefal brand are based on years of research, hands-on experience and expert knowledge. Jamie Oliver is a phenomenon in the food world, and is also one of the world’s best loved TV personalities and a bestselling author. Jamie has inspired people to spend more time enjoying being in the kitchen, and has changed the way people think about food and cooking.

Box Contains
1 x 16cm Saucepan with lid 1 x 18cm Saucepan with lid 1 x 20cm Saucepan with lid

6)Morphy Richards Stainless Steel Equip Pan Set, Set of 5
RM460 termasuk pos ke sem Malaysia


Double pouring spouts for easy use left or right handed
High grade polished stainless steel body
Tempered glass lid - fast/slow straining rim and steam release valve
Riveted phenolic staycool handles and lid knobs
Dishwasher safe
10 year guarantee]

Product Description
Morphy Richards Equip Pan Set includes one each of following sizes 16 cm, 18 cm, 20 cm sauce pan, 14 cm milk pan and 24 cm fry pan. All pans in the set are made of high grade polished stainless steel. Each pan has an aluminium thermocore encapsulated base and double pouring spouts for easy use left or right handed. Each pan comes with tempered glass lid, fast/slow straining rim and steam release valve. Each pan has an inner capacity markings, riveted phenolic staycool handles and lid knobs. All pans in the set are dishwasher safe. 10 year guarantee.
Box Contains
1x 14 cm milk pan
3x saucepans with matching lids (16/18/20 cm)
1x 24 cm fry pan

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Senarai Kastemer dan racking Number

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Parcels out today 22/5/2015
Zahariah Jamaludin CA 700085497(Dungun Station)
Maziah CA 700085499 (KL station)
Habibur Rahman Haron CA 700085496 (JB station)
Norlelawati Saleh CA 700085494 (Melaka station)
Noraidah Abu Hassan CA 700085495 (Kangar station)
Fauziah Mohamed Yusof CA 700085498 (JB station)
Azura Jaafar CA 700085500 (JB station)
** kesemua parcels akan terus hantar kerumah. Pastikan no hp anda dapat dihubungi pada hari penghantaran ya!
Untuk sebarang pertanyaan hubungi stesen kTM yg berkenaan :-
Dungun : 09-844 3288
KL : 03-2274 7432
JB : 07-223 2541
Melaka : 06-312 4502
Kangar : 04-986 7622
Thank you for shopping with OLs!!! 

kiki emoticonParcel out 29/05/2015
Mohamed Khalied Abd Wahab CA700085566 (KL station)
Che Masrini Che Muhammad CA700085567 (KL station)
Nor Aziana Azreen CA700085568 (B'worth station)
** parcels akan terus hantar kerumah. Pastikan no hp anda dapat dihubungi pada hari penghantaran ya!
Untuk sebarang pertanyaan hubungi stesen kTM yg berkenaan :
KL : 03-2274 7432
B'worth : 04-324 9381
Thank you for shopping with us !! kiki emoticon